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ASCENDtials is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit specializing in critical consciousness, by providing thoughtful holistic educative tools, resources, and training programs that prepare, are preventative, and instill and reinforce a deeper appreciation for self and community, a oneness that builds capacity, and environmental care. Since 2014, we have been committed to developing leaders who will chip away at the structures impeding progress to build more systems based on truth, and science, equitable, diverse, fair, and inclusive of communities that hold everyone accountable. We strongly believe in providing support by enhancing, emphasizing, and reinforcing increased problem-solving skills, offering dialogical engagement within familial, academic, and community, and an ongoing relationship building with these parties to increase civic and social competency. The true intent is to bring about self-awareness and create technologies that are good and humane while sustaining constant collaboration with community businesses and leaders to strengthen and secure these ties.


Mika Marzette, Executive Director and Founder

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Chivona Newsome-KOSMelaninology and Self-Awareness Healing session

1st Online Divine Femininity Yoga Retreat

KOSMelaninology™ Lunch Sessions


ASCENDtials Healing Sessions

What are healing sessions?

In these times of critical conversations about civic and social justice, equity, and inclusion, ASCENDtials is sponsoring a series of Unveiling Collective Consciousness by Dismantling Anti-Blackness Structures. Our current focus is on anti-Blackness and the structures that keep us on this Cycle of Socialization. It’s time to step off and move in a direction that moves our people forward ever. 

Through storytelling and other tools, we can also move from current structures of racism to a more inclusive system for all. Expert speakers address issues affecting our Black community ranging from the structures of Anti-blackness, White Fragility, and White Rage to Voter Suppression, Public Education, School to Prison Pipeline, Environmental Racism, and much more. By bringing awareness to these issues in real-time, and creating actionable items to affect change, we begin to feel safe as we move into reinforcing behaviors of Oneness in real-time through storytelling, design thinking, civic engagement, and other tools. We call this the process of moving from Whiteness to Oneness.

Previous Presenters/Partners

Ymasumac Maranon Davis– Limitless Learning Lab – Previous Healing Sessions Presenter/Speaker

Dr. Keisha Clark – San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency – Previous Healing Sessions Presenter/Speaker

Salina Villegas – Rise San Diego- Previous Healing Sessions Presenter/Speaker

James Crawford– UCSD Education Studies Dpt – Previous Healing Sessions Presenter/Speaker

Jenae Butler- Google – Previous Healing Sessions Presenter/Speaker

John Brooks – Film maker/Retired Special Agent for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – Previous Healing Sessions Presenter/Speaker

Dr. Suzanne Afflalo – Retired Kaiser Permanente Primary Care Physician – Previous Healing Sessions Presenter/Speaker

Kelechi Ubozoh – Public Speaker/Writer on Mental Health – Previous Healing Sessions Presenter

Reverend Pastor Cecilia Caldwell – Unity Fellowship Church – Previous Healing Sessions Presenter/Speaker

Angelle Malaika Maua – The Gender Fluid Collective – Previous Healing Sessions/Presenter/Speake

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