peaceful warrior pose with bent toes

This program is critical in that it re-establishes our connection to the truth behind the origins of Yoga. This is important in order to preserve and protect the wisdom of our ancestors as founders of a system to assist in the development of our higher faculties. The development of these faculties is critical so that life on Earth isn’t filled will illness, conflict, and poverty. During these ancient times, our ancestors took the time to connect with themselves and understand their place in the universe, and using this wisdom brought health, wealth, and harmony. If only in modern times, we embraced this knowledge for the benefit of all, things would be different. Instead, we are flooded with wrong ideas about our history, and the origins of great wisdom, and receive only a duplication of truth, that doesn’t present the holistic framework behind everything, further preventing us from properly making connections with all that is omnipotent. This is saddening that we lack true resolve in our lives, simply because we lack identification with a “Oneness” that will bring about the Equality we seek.

Kemetic Yoga is a movement for African Americans, in particular, to identify with their ancestors, and not be distorted by the modern claims to Yoga that doesn’t give the full representation of what Yoga truly is. We explore this and aim to equip participants with higher-level problem-solving tools that make life more productive. We are currently offering this program in session bundles all month long in January. Please learn more here by following this link. If you’d like to participate in this revolutionary programming, contact us here at You can also complete our Workshop Inquiry Form if you’d like to book group sessions for you and your team.

Ascendtials is partnering with Cafe X in December to kick off Kwanzaa. Please join us for these donation-based sessions. This practice will entail using the Principles of MA’AT to develop our practice. These sessions are usually hour-long sessions on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Please stay tuned for timings soon.

For more information on upcoming sessions in February. Please sign up here and we’ll reach out to you. These sessions incorporate knowledge from our From Whiteness to OnenessTM and KOSMelaninologyTM curriculum and principles of MAAT. Now is the time to remember who you are to solve all problems. Our community has suffered trauma and conditioning, but we can thrive should we embrace what our ancestors left for us. Our tools will help you apply this practical knowledge to your life!

Past Yoga Sessions