Come join us for thought-provoking sessions on KOS-Melanin-ology™ that lend the way to self-reflection!

The book club focus is part of our KOS-Melanin-ology™ series. It also precedes the lunch sessions, which will share insight into a topic not much discussed, Melanin. Although there is much rigorous research and study being conducted presently on the topic, yet most people aren’t as versed in the biochemical that is so essential to life itself, our universe, and exists in almost everything. Why is that? “Does not this Melanin research reveal that humanity is a Black Africoid derived population who ranges in external skin color from Purple Black to White but who are all Black in the inside?” -King

Our goal is to have casual conversations around this subject so that we might have a better understanding of its role in our universe. This is necessary to have a deeper connection with our purpose in life, our reasons for existence, and in gaining insight into knowing ourselves. Melanin is the chemical of life, and if you aren’t aware, then you aren’t interested in saving your Self. We always talk about being in harmonious resonance, but if you haven’t discussed this topic, then you are missing it. These sessions will provide participants with dialogue and tools that enhance thinking, communication, and self-reflection. We hope to address and work through these issues in real-time through engagement that enhances empathy and ethical responsibility. Join us for an understanding that may alter your life.

Stay tuned as our book club will launch in November. For those interested, please add your name to our list by completing our get involved form or contact us at We look forward to learning and knowing more with you.

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