Ancient African Yoga on Zoom or in-person on Thursdays at 4pm at various San Diego Outdoor Parks.

Presenter: Onyeka Tefari

Date: Oct 21, 2021

Time: 4:00-5:00 PM PST

Kemetic Yoga Breathwork and Sun Salutations

Join ASCENDtials for our first bundle of Kemetic Yoga sessions! The Ancient African Kemetic Yoga Movement recognizes that the mainstream Yoga industry is controlled ideologically, economically, politically, and socially by a small group of business people and ideologues whose purpose is to perpetuate the myth of Yoga as an exclusively Indian/Hindu phenomenon, the Sanskrit language as the spiritual and only legitimate language of Yoga and India as a utopia of spirituality culture.

Kemetic Yoga practices help to protect and preserve culture, provide a deeper understanding of our “oneness,” true nature, and unity with all things in existence while cultivating morals and values through the discipline acquired. This series will provide ancient African techniques to reduce stress, eliminate anxiety, and knowledge of how to heal thyself, which is valuable during this pandemic.


Onyeka Tefari is our Kemetic Yoga instructor. She is a holistic healer who uses massage therapy, yoga therapy, & aromatherapy to help clients heal. Using her expertise and background knowledge, she has developed this transformative style of bodily flow, linking breath to movement as a way to foster presence, concentration, and connection while improving inner and outer balance, strength, and flexibility.

We will explore breathwork, movements, postures, and poses vital to strengthening the body and aiding flexibility and endurance. Without external help, these practices can release all resistance in the body, which will promote inner harmony and optimal health! To breathe and use the life force as a vehicle for good health is essential for the quest for total health.

These Kemetic Yoga sessions will be held on Thursdays at 4 pm starting on October 21st and ending on November 25th.

Each session costs only $25 and includes a free breathwork session with Onyeka Tefari.

BUNDLE AND SAVE $20 when you sign up for all four of our November Kemetic Yoga sessions.

These sessions will be held both on Zoom and in-person at the following parks:


Session 1: October 21st In-Person location TBD

Session 2: October 28th In-Person location TBD


Session 1: November 4th In-Person location TBD

Session 2: November 11th In-Person location TBD

Session 3: November 18th In-Person location TBD

Our goal is to encourage exploring KOS-Melanin-ology™ for a stronger KNOWLEDGE OF SELF and healing thyself that we may transform structures that prevent change. Many factors contribute to keeping structures in place. Our health, habits, and conditioning contribute to improper thinking and lack of awareness, but our ancestors designed a system that aids in understanding our body, mind, and breath through practice. We aim to get “straight” by embracing Ancient thoughts from our ancestors that we may become more aware of ourselves internally and externally in the detection of obstacles to our development.

This program will also help to support our growing organization and mission. These tools will help to liberate and transform individuals who are looking to secure real structural change. We deserve systems that support a complete human experience and represent the truth in nature and harmony for all.

Please joins us for these life-changing and transformative yoga sessions, we’re excited to have you!

This series will support Ascendtials’ goal of encouraging greater knowledge of the self on a deeper and personal level while giving our community a space to come together and heal. For more information, contact: