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Ancient Kemetic Yoga Movement

The Ancient African Kemetic Yoga Movement recognizes that the mainstream Yoga industry is controlled ideologically, economically, politically, and socially by a small group of businesspeople and ideologues whose purpose is to perpetuate the myth of Yoga as an exclusively Indian/Hindu phenomenon, the Sanskrit language as the spiritual and only legitimate language of Yoga and India as a utopia of spirituality culture. -Y.R. H.

Bring Conscious Awareness

We want to bring conscious awareness to this and reclaim our ancestral culture and way of life that aligns with all. 

Understanding of Our “Oneness”

These Kemetic Yoga practices help to protect and preserve culture and provide a deeper understanding of our “oneness,” true nature, and unity with all things in existence while cultivating morals and values through the discipline acquired. 

Ancient Techniques

This series will provide ancient techniques to reduce stress, eliminate anxiety, and knowledge of how to heal thyself, which is valuable during this pandemic.

Past Kemetic Yoga Sessions

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Meet our Drummer & Yoga Instructors

Yoga Instructor: Mika Marz

Mika has been practicing yoga for 22 years to stay flexible, build endurance and strength, but since her training as a Kemetic Yoga instructor, she’s become more intentional and focused on increasing the circulation of breath throughout her body in order to clear all blockages and gain greater control over her emotions, to reach the next level.


Yoga Instructor: Jill Minard

3 – 2 – 1 Action! A former 10-year tenure Theatre Arts and Speech Communications teacher made a choice of one passion over the other. Jill Minard, a true fan and participant of the arts discovered yoga at a much-needed time in her life. 

Djembe Drummer: Nigel Zuniga

Nigel Zuniga, born in San Diego, CA has been around Mandingue drum/dance since his conception in the womb. He started off being mentored by members of his community, who still mentor him today. After spending a few years in San Diego, he relocated to Georgia, where he performed and studied with various companies. Since returning to San Diego, he has continued performing and studying several with well-recognized groups in Southern California. He has continued his studies extensively over the past 10+ years, studying drum and dance with renowned world and local artists. Nigel currently performs locally, nationally, and internationally. Nigel not only performs but supports all the local West African Drum/Dance classes regularly. He gives thanks to his Mother & all his communities in both San Diego and Atl, as well as the several artists he’s learned from. It is this village of wonderful people that he credits for his growth thus far. He plays with everybody ^_^

Yoga Instructor: Onyeka Tefari

I am a holistic healer who uses massage therapy, yoga therapy, and aromatherapy as a means to help my clients heal all aspects of their life. Taking the approach that all aspects of our lives are connected, the journey to health and healing is an ongoing process. My approach incorporates aspects of both eastern and western massage therapy to heal and strengthen the body. I use Yoga to further body strength, as well as to help clients connect to their mind and spirit.

Our Goal

Our goal is to encourage exploring KOS-Melanin-ology™ for a stronger KNOWLEDGE OF SELF and healing thyself that we may transform structures that prevent change. Many factors contribute to keeping structures in place. Our health, habits, and conditioning contribute to improper thinking and lack of awareness, but our ancestors designed a system that aids in understanding our body, mind, and breath through practice. We aim to get “straight” by embracing Ancient thoughts from our ancestors so that we may become more aware of ourselves internally and externally in the detection of obstacles to our development. 

This program will also help to support our growing organization and mission. These tools will help to liberate and transform individuals who are looking to secure real structural change. We deserve systems that support a complete human experience and represent the truth in nature and harmony for all.

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“The ability to connect with the host and instructor on a very intimate and personal level because I was the only participant. It was very cathartic and healing for me. Then next was the breathwork, learning about the steams and getting additional tools and resources (book titles) to help me with my journey toward spiritual, emotional, physical, and physiological healing.”

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Past Virtual Kemetic Yoga Sessions

October 21

Breathwork and Sun Salutations Intro Session

October 28th

Kemetic Yoga Session 1: “Truth”

November 4th

Kemetic Yoga Session 2: “Balance” 

November 11th

Kemetic Yoga Session 3: “Harmony”

November 18th

Kemetic Yoga Session 4: “Justice/Righteousness”