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Ascendtials is involved in campaigns to bring about structural change at the local and state level. We believe it critically important to be aware at the civic, local, state, and national levels of who our representatives are and the actions they take on our behalf. Ascendtials believes that if we ignore the power to participate in elections, ordinances, policies in our own community is to give a nod to Anti-Blackness and structures in place that repeatedly keep the black community at the bottom. We recognize that blacks have been the soul of democracy and social justice in our nation, that others embrace for their own causes. We must build collective consciousness around improving outcomes in our community first. Then, others follow. We must continue to be the leadership that targets attacks against voter rights, prison policies, housing policies, equity in hiring, and democracy for ourselves first. Join us in organizing to hold everyone accountable and stop Anti-blackness in its tracks. Support our efforts by joining our membership today.