The Urgency of this Education and Training

Oppressive structures exist in all aspects of our learning and daily life. Most of us may not understand this fully, but sense that the educational system during our formative years is alienating and lacks true liberation. Authentic liberation is a process of humanization, the action and reflection of men and women upon their world in order to transform it. And “those truly committed to the cause of liberation won’t accept the mechanistic concept of consciousness as an empty vessel to be filled, nor methods of domination in the name of liberation”.

The educational goal must be the ability to solve all problems. This is true education, and it’s liberating. To deny this has created a culture of victims, clients, if you will, improperly educated, waiting to be preyed upon for profit. This act of depositing information by the educational system has been harmful and insufficient. Our adaptation to being indoctrinated with information, without the focus on developing our problem-solving skills, has left us incapable of overcoming race issues, divisiveness, and other Isms. Instead, we’ve internalized our situation, dreaming of the day, to be in the Oppressor’s position. And the hope of unifying, solving the real problem that exists, fades. As we remain oppressed, not engaging in deep thought dialogue, or Knowledge of Self, we assimilate instead of engaging in social justice. This is not true freedom and is dehumanizing.

Black Bodies can't do it alone- (Hue) mans fighting for Humans

Social movements led by the blackest of bodies against this dehumanization aren’t sufficient. And only when we view it on display do we decide to fight back. We choose to live in denial, accepting this approximate reality, but dehumanization is this system. When will we fix this, probably when we become the oppressor? An ideal situation would be to create systems that are of science, equitable, and one that all benefit from, as intended.

At ASCENDtials, we believe that an “Approximation is a lesser form of Equality”, and systems in place are currently an approximation. We know Equality is the goal, but what tends to happen is people settle for something close to the truth, instead of the actual truth. They become misguided, spellbound, and captivated, which is detrimental and never-ending, as it’s a balance of its own making. At ASCENDtials, we’ve developed a curriculum that draws attention to this Approximation and how this Oppressor/Oppressed structure sustains itself, our inclination is that learners will embrace nothing less than the truth, and feel compelled to fight for Equality, and live fully this truth to resolve/solve societal problems, once equipped with these “essential tools”. Ignoring these truths permits “approximations” to persist and rule for generations to come. Everything is at risk, and as always, man must transform, like all energy. And, once we apply this Knowledge of Self, this curriculum becomes incorporated into all learning experiences, which is living truth, as it’s based on the science of sciences.

This curriculum will be available online, so please stay tuned. If you would like to participate in workshops or trainings using this curriculum content, please contact us here.

Foundational Coursework

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Designing From Whiteness to Oneness™

Designing From Whiteness to Oneness™ is a curriculum to help learners understand, critically cosmically, and consciously connect and engage in dialogue, through presentations, storytelling, bringing greater awareness to the five senses, including developing the third eye, using KOS (Knowledge of Self) tools, and framework to create a dialogical process of learning and knowing that motivates and reinforces truth for transformation.

Designing From Whiteness to Oneness online Modules (coming soon)

Our goal is to make everyone aware of their participation in all that dehumanizes, hoping we gain true solidarity, to affect immediate change in dismantling these systems. These modules are offered as a self-study. There are four modules for 20 minutes each. They will be available shortly. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us here.

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