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nonprofit organization specializing in Critical Consciousness, by providing thoughtful holistic educative tools, resources, and training programs that prepare, are preventative, instill, and reinforce a deeper appreciation for self and community, a oneness that builds capacity, and environmental care.

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With the topic of mental health always in the news and its stigma across nations, we all must gain a better understanding of what our education has taught us or not about our own mental health. We as Blacks, are affected immensely by not knowing ourselves and not managing our overall health. Knowing thy Self, and understanding the role of Melanin in our lives is certainly part of that. To reject the knowledge and application of tools our ancient ancestors left for us is in itself anti-blackness and signals great alarm. We aren't all the same, and the fact that we've behaved the way we do, has caused great detriment to our health. I'm of the opinion that we must take greater control over "knowing thyself" which is written above many structures in ancient Kemet, and why not want to embrace this wisdom of our ancestors, so that we might save ourselves from our current identity crisis of "whiteness".

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