Educational Tools and Programming, Training, Organizing for Structural Change

Mission Statement

The mission of Ascendtials is the pursuit of the following principles:

Commitment: Ascendtials wants to offer long-term educational and mentoring tools, resources, and programming that are holistic, comprehensive, and effective at ensuring a better future for black communities.

Support: Ascendtials wants to emphasize the importance of increased familial, school, community engagement, relationship building, social competency, and social justice for the protection and self-awareness of youth to adults through constant collaboration with the community which strengthens and protects these ties.

Expansion: Ascendtials wants to offer all-inclusive, effective learning tools that are calculated, that empower, are culturally relevant, engage leadership, are cradle to career and directly linked to achievable success, tear down structures and rebuild, and have at the core concern for developing communities and protecting and nurturing the planet.


Designing From Whiteness to Oneness™
Designing From Whiteness to Oneness™ curriculum is the foundation of the organization

Build My Spirit After School
The Build My Spirit After School Program provides an entry point for youth into the organization

Summer Oneness Exchange
The Summer Oneness Exchange Program provides powerful natural exposure, leadership, and other critical skills for building holistic thinking
Environment and Nature Programs
The Environment and Nature programs help bring empathy and compassion back to Earth

Capacity Building programs
Capacity Building programs support partners and community organizations using our curriculum to create change

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