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Nothing is possible without the support of the community.

Thank you to our partners for the support you provide to the community!

We need to establish better relationships with our local leaders and community members to create the environment we seek. This is important to establish “a seat at the table.” It determines the quality of education, food, air, and value of services and offerings in the neighborhood. Feel empowered and advocate for your community today!

ASCENDtials wants to thank all those partners and contributions to improving the lives of everyone within my community! May we all thrive! Thank you! To partner with us, contact us today!

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ASCENDtials considers all former employees and volunteers to be Alumni of the organization.

We hope to continue building these relationships with community leaders, supporting them with access to our resources, and connecting with them with our members and financial supporters. Join our organization as a contributor, member, or employee. We offer benefits for future events, our newsletter, gifts, and discounts on gear and products. Thank you for your support.

Below is a list of current ASCENDtials alumni.

2024 Alumni

Yen Nguyen
Grant Researcher/Writer – Washington

Melissa Prado
Grant Researcher/Writer – San Diego

Hao Luong
Graphic Designer – San Diego

Anya Kennelly
Editorial/Publishing Assistant – Santa Barbara

Grace Kim
Graphic Designer – Seattle

Angela Cheng
Social Media Lead Volunteer – Eastvale

Sonia Munoz
Editorial/Publishing Assistant – Hemet

Mia Hounschell
Editorial/Publishing Assistant – Miami

Reona Bowles
Admin/Project Coordinator – San Diego

Diana Keshavarshi
Fundraising Assistant Intern – San Diego

Hanyi Wang
Book Club and Graphic Artist – San Diego

Jennifer Chastka
Copywriter Lead – Denton

Lydia Li
Researcher Intern – Chicago

Elliot Li
Researcher Intern – Washington

Ashley Arner
Program Support – San Diego

Hejun Ruan
Fundraising Lead – La Jolla

Wesley Fields
Videographer Volunteer – Spring Valley

Cynthia Chu
Business Development Intern – San Diego

Andre Mani
Web Programmer Volunteer – Brazil

Mizuho Hasegawa
UX Designer Volunteer – Michigan

Katherine Coster
CopyWriter/Editor Volunteer – Ramsey

Jaymes Abeloe
Copy Editor Volunteer – Springville

Daniela Rivera
Social Media Marketing Lead – Milwaukee

Teagan Nathe
Publishing Lead – Seattle

Ian McDaniel
PR Assistant – San Diego

Hannah Stark
Publishing/Editorial Volunteer – San Diego

Shileola Ambrose
Climate Cares Volunteer – Shorewood

Rumaisha Chowdhury
Business Development Intern Lead – Toronto

Jacqueline Gamboa
Event Support – Oceanside

Karthik Sivaswamy
Legal Support Volunteer Lead – La Jolla

Kimberly Linares
Social Media Copywriter – Los Angeles

Sara Asadiha
Book Club Intern – Iran

Cledden Obeng-Poku Kwanin
Volunteer Support Coordinator

Abraham Sanchez
Graphic Designer Intern

Povrotanak Cheatha
Admin/Project Intern

2022 Alumni

Lauren Cazell
Social Media Marketing Intern – New York

Rachelle Suissa
Development and Fund Manager – New York

Fatima Gavrish
Grant Researcher/Writer – Illinois

Zoe Broussard
Communications Marketing Strategist – San Jose

Brian Gilb
Writer and Researcher – Los Angeles

Wayne Chen
Student Researcher – Atlanta

Jada Alexander
Web Developer – Arizona

Meghana Moodagopadi
Web Developer – Rhode Island

Kristina Grigoryants
Researcher – Arizona

Micah Adams
Videographer – San Diego

Kayla Perry
Poetry & Writing Club Intern – Raleigh

Tabitha Pennington
Social Worker/Grant Researcher/Writer – Arizona

Namie Yazaki
Exchange Coordinator – San Diego

Grisha Tamazyan
Researcher Bio-Life Science – San Diego

Aaliyah Phommasy
Graphic Artist Intern – San Diego

Wei Yew
Researcher – Berkeley

Sonam Singhal
Project Coordinator – Arizona

Daniel Tang
Web Developer Intern – Cornell

Moamel Hashim
Web Programmer Intern – San Diego

Lance Cruzado
Web Developer Intern – Carson

Alexis Kirkpatrick
Grant Researcher/Writer  – North Carolina

Molly Percival
Poetry & Writing Club Volunteer – Santa Barbara

Allison Hjelle
Fundraising Coordinator – San Diego

Hosanna Balwani
Copywriter – India

Sofia Joseph
Copy Editor – St. Louis

Tyler Tucker
Social Media Marketing Intern – New Jersey

2023 Alumni

Robert Neblett
Program Manager – Houston

Symone Farmer
Project Manager – Seattle

Vrattika Bindal
Project Manager – San Francisco

Andrew Baum
Event Coordinator – New York

Corey Moon
Student Researcher – New Jersey

Allison Pham
Program Assistant – San Diego

Joel Chu
Student Researcher – Singapore

Fatima Malik
Researcher – Pakistan

Anna Heim
Copy Editor – Michigan

Diamond Tanner
Social Media Copywriter – Las Vegas

Aliyah Young
Social Media Marketing Lead – San Diego

Helena Rowland
Copy Editor – Michigan

Jason Taylor
Garden Lead – Eastlake

Jackie Shang
Researcher – Stony Brook

Kashvi Gera
Poetry & Writing Club Volunteer – New Jersey

Mishal George
Poetry & Writing Club Volunteer – San Francisco

Nick Saikley
Graphic Artist Intern – Orange

Austin Hatch
Copy Editor Intern – Tampa

David Raad
Copy Editor Intern – Bronx

Renee Duci
Copy Editor – San Diego

Anya Tsirklin
Volunteer Support Coordinator – San Diego

Chloe Huang
Researcher Intern – Tacoma

Elise Lyon
Researcher Intern – Chico

Urvil Patel
Garden Volunteer – San Diego

Lizzie Harden
Social Media Marketing Lead – Brandon

Ananya Karan
Researcher/Social Media Intern – India