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ASCENDtials is a 501 (c) (3) that focuses on empowering BIPOC communities throughout Southern California and beyond.

We specialize in building and sustaining critical cosmic consciousness, by providing thoughtful holistic educative tools, resources, and training programs that prepare, are preventative, and instill and reinforce a deeper appreciation for Self and community, a oneness that builds capacity, and environmental care. Established in 2014, Ascendtials seeks to impact BIPOC communities through programs that encourage BIPOC participants to act as signifiers of change in settings that are not inclusive towards BIPOC people. The true intent is to bring about self-awareness and create technologies that are good and humane while sustaining constant collaboration with community businesses and leaders to strengthen, secure, and transform these ties.

ASCENDtials wants to reveal the truth, bring awareness, represent ancient principles that sustain, are balanced, in harmony, and create actionable change by using tools that will help liberate and transform individuals to secure real structural change. We deserve systems that support a complete human experience and that are representative of truth in nature and harmonizing for all.

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At ASCENDtials, we believe that an “Approximation is a lesser form of Equality”, and systems in place are currently an approximation.

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