ASCENDtials is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit specializing in critical consciousness, by providing thoughtful holistic educative tools, resources, and training programs that prepare, are preventative, and instill and reinforce a deeper appreciation for self and community, a oneness that builds capacity, and environmental care. Since 2014, we have been committed to developing leaders who will chip away at the structures impeding progress to build more systems based on truth, and science, that are equitable, diverse, and inclusive of communities that hold everyone accountable. We strongly believe in providing support by enhancing, emphasizing, and reinforcing increased problem-solving skills, offering dialogical engagement within familial, academic, and community, and an ongoing relationship building with these parties to increase civic and social competency. The true intent is to bring about self-awareness and create technologies that are good and humane while sustaining constant collaboration with community businesses and leaders to strengthen and secure these ties.

ASCENDtials wants to reveal the truth, bring awareness, represent ancient black thought on keeping balance, and creating actionable change by using tools that will help liberate and transform individuals to secure real structural change. We deserve systems that support a complete human experience and representative of truth in nature and harmonizing for all.

We offer a variety of products and services for individuals and groups, including:

  • Workshops, trainings, sessions for all ages on our curriculum content for anyone seeking to transform the human condition.
  • Nature Adventures and tours for building imagination, knowledge of Ancient Africa thought and sciences for true connection to community and environment
  • Event management services, including logistics, administrative and financial development
  • Capacity building and other educational programming

If you would like customized training for your team or would like to partner with us, please feel free to contact us or complete our Workshop Inquiry Form and we’ll respond shortly.