Ascendtials offers a variety of programming that caters to youth and adults of all ages.

We have programs for women and girls, environmental programs supporting healthy soil, experiences in gardening, and cleanups. Our programming supports personal development by focusing on increasing vitality, and self-healing, with our Kemetic Yoga and Healing sessions.

Women and Girls Programs

The Healing Sessions Program aims to directly address the experiences of the black community while hoping to bridge the existing gaps between the historical precedent and current calls to action. These interactive sessions are meant to foster dialogue and open communication as we work to build self-worthiness and conscious responsibility amongst BIPOC participants.

The Women’s Workshops focuses on teaching women and girls how to dismantle institutionalized racism present in oppressive social structures while identifying various obstacles preventing them from advancing in the U.S. workforce. By creating programs geared towards women and girls, Ascendtials ensures that they will be given resources that encourage women’s leadership, women’s entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and equal pay opportunities.

Ascendtials established the Kemetic Yoga program so that they could participate in a mental enrichment program that alleviates the stress, trauma and anxiety symptoms of African Americans for overall improved cosmic consciousness and alignment with Nature. Kemetic Yoga is revolutionary because it helps African Americans identify with their ancient ancestors tools to destress while emphasizing breath exercises and transformative poses that allow them to achieve tranquility within themselves.

Youth and Adult Environment and Nature Programs

Ascendtials’ “Build My Spirit” Program teaches at-risk youth to be more holistic as they expand their comprehensive self-awareness to oppressive social structures like institutionalized racism. Our program works to activate young people’s critical thinking skills and assists in developing their self-confidence within school settings. Students will be paired with a mentor as they engage in activities that build their consciousness as they are exposed to various opportunities which will expand their networking skills.

Summer Exchange Program

The Summer Exchange Program will grant students the opportunity to explore other developing nations as they participate in volunteer tourism and internships that will develop them into globally conscious citizens. This immersive program will expose students to commerce, business tools, civic education, local governmental policies, advocacy, and community development initiatives abroad.

Kemetic Yoga for Youth

Kemetic Yoga is a way of life that reinforces principles of alignment with our surrounding environment. It secures our optimal health while developing our life force. Ascendtials believes it is essential to share our Kemetic Yoga program to equip our children with the necessary tools as they are exposed to systems of oppression that aren’t so concerned with preserving and protecting life. This allows our youth to experience a growth that is more productive and free of depression and anxiety.

Ascendtials offers Environmental and Nature programs to both youth and adults.

We believe that it is critical to learn holistically by considering how both sides of the brain processes information. As our ancient ancestors understood, we too, must utilize this knowledge such that we are balanced and aware of our nature and that we successfully embody this required balance of opposites, for the success of humanity. In keeping with the concept of balance, our programming offers participants exposure to right and left-minded tools to ensure synthesis, union, or global development of the brain. This ensures balance in learning and knowing is achieved.

Environment and Nature Programs

Gardening Initiative

Ascendtials has created a garden program to promote sustainable gardens that encourage families and those interested in growing their own food, to better understand our connection to the Earth, utilize the healing properties of growing our own healing herbs, fruits and vegetables without negatively impacting the environment. We regularly recruit volunteers to plant seeds and maintain the drought-resistant garden twice a week during the summer months before harvesting vegetables during September and October. Join our garden club and grow your own food today!


Tree Planting

Ascendtials aims to plant 120 drought-resistant trees throughout parks within downtown San Diego to mitigate the heat island effect for its 34,550 residents. For this initiative, Ascendtials is looking for 40 – 60 volunteers to assist in planting Magnolia trees, Crab Apple trees, Mulberry trees, and Pink Chitalpa trees. By planting drought-resistant trees, Ascendtials aims to establish an environmental initiative that decreases climate change while creating a pleasant visual effect throughout downtown San Diego.