ASCENDtials supports the effort of developing women and girls

This group is vital to the overall success in fulfilling the feminine aspect and keeping in balance the laws of opposites. Women and girls are tasked with understanding the signs and symbols in nature, embodying the qualities of the feminine element, with the responsibility of remaining calm, clear-headed, and in tune with (qualities of the feminine element) nature, nurturing and providing the sustenance for successful growth and development, to ensure the body, mind, and spirit are in balance, to ensure successful creation and growth of new ideas.

This requires the exposure to the laws of nature, expressed in ancient African thought, as MAAT, which is the principle of order, harmony, regularity, consistence, peace and truth, which hold the universe together in an orderly fashion. This ensures that they are in harmony with the universe. Without this social philosophy, which promotes justice, peace and the sublime goals of life, a society cannot function equitably or survive the passage of time. We believe that if these morals aren’t properly practiced and simply memorized and not applied, and not understanding the deeper implications, they won’t be adhered to or practiced correctly or at all. We want to emphasize in our programming the importance of placing value on these values, rather than the worldly values, so society can avoid further declines.

Our programming seeks to develop these women and girls such that they are balanced and aware of their nature and that they successfully embody this required balance with the masculine energy to ensure success of humanity. In keeping with the concept of balance, these women and girls will be exposed to right and left minded tools to ensure synthesis, union, or global development of the brain. This ensures balance in learning and knowing is achieved.


If you seek a balanced program that supports holistic and global development, in one with the source, then our programs are designed for you. To learn more, check out our upcoming events and complete our  workshop inquiry form or contact us below at Whatsapp or send an email to for more information.