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Ascendtials believes that man’s connection with nature is at risk. The current interest in technology pulls us further from connection with all that lives and grows around us. This is harmful and proving detrimental to our environment. As we descend deeper into an expanding interest in the social aspects of technology, we begin to change the way we connect with all that surrounds us.

Ascendtials wants to solidify our relationship with nature and demonstrate our love by building and supporting all things that protect our only planet from depletion. While others search for life to colonize in our solar system, we must embrace protections of our food, air quality, water quality, Earth quality, address Fires, Floods, and excess cleansing the planet endures on a daily basis. 

Turning your backs against nature is turning your back against your livelihood. Take care of the Earth consciously by joining Ascendtials Environment and Nature programming. To learn more, send us a message at with Environment and Nature programs in the subject line, and we will respond in 24 hours. Stay tuned for programming.