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Divine Femininity Healing session

This session is designed to explore what the feminine aspect is all about and how we build our understanding in this role as females. It is necessary to understand how this aspect is also present in males, yet both sexes requires that these aspects be harmonious in order for optimal health. The Divine Feminine represents the characteristic of being the divine creator, as women are, and how to expand our knowledge around this role so we might improve our health and overall experience.  

Our culture appears to lead with masculine energy and this has been distorting nations for some time. The time is now to regain a better understanding of what living harmoniously and in balance entails, and we will be offering insight into this subject in our workshop sessions. As we can see in society, women with the highest concentrations of melanin, have been responsible for the movements of our time, to help lead the way to create and protect humanity and the planet. We must continue to uphold the way the system was designed so that we too will reap the benefits of being harmonious and in alignment with nature. 

Ascendtials wants to nurture and bring greater awareness of the role of this group, as it is vital to the overall success in fulfilling the feminine aspect and keeping in balance the laws of opposites. Women and girls are tasked with understanding the signs and symbols in nature, embodying the qualities of the feminine element, with the responsibility of remaining calm, clear-headed, and in tune with (qualities of the feminine element) nature, nurturing and providing the sustenance for successful growth and development, to ensure the body, mind, and spirit are in balance, to ensure the successful creation and growth of new ideas.

This requires the exposure to the laws of nature, expressed in ancient African thought, as MAAT, which is the principle of order, harmony, regularity, consistence, peace and truth, which hold the universe together in an orderly fashion. 

KOSMelaninology™ Healing Session series

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These sessions are designed to share tools that address the experiences of our highly melanated community, in hopes of bridging existing gaps between the historical precedent and current calls to action. These interactive sessions are meant to foster dialogue, communication, and self-reflection to build a deeper understanding and develop the strength and power needed to combat anti-blackness and prevent it from perpetuating racism and ignorance.

This workshop is designed for the melanated Community, about the melanated Community in efforts to break down Anti-Blackness structures and re-embrace the spiritual side within to utilize in our daily lives. No previous experience is required.

This partnership was created to promote the ASCENDtials Healing Session on Divine Femininity, a campaign designed with the intention of supporting our highly melanated women in Corporate America and beyond.

This event supports ASCENDtials in its mission to bring awareness of oppressive structures in place, in its efforts to dismantle them by developing higher-level problem-solving skills. Our aim is to address and create systems for the good of humanity based on the science of science by applying the Knowledge of Self to grow, sustain, balance, and to secure Equity for all.