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Designing From Whiteness to Oneness™ is a curriculum to help learners understand, consciously and critically connect, and engage in dialogue as a process of learning and knowing to affect real social change. A true apprenticeship in Whiteness and Oneness is required if we are to come to grips with the oppressive nature of our systems, which impede life in many forms. To admit a system is oppressive is to say there are two dialectical roles one plays within it, the oppressed and the oppressor, and by nature, humans play the role of oppressed, until they can assume the role of the oppressor. The dehumanizing dialogical study of this dynamic deserves great attention, if we are to understand how to transform socially from its grips to a system based on Good, that permits a complete human experience of truth. Social change then seeks a partnership in those who have power, requiring their full support to commit to dismantling, on the spot, all that dehumanizes or risk perpetuating destructive oppressor-type unnatural behavior.

Our goal is to make everyone aware of their participation in all that dehumanizes, hoping we gain true solidarity, to affect immediate change in dismantling these systems. We also seek to specifically empower black communities, simply because they represent the anti-thesis of this narrative, and are forced to lead the way in this fight, as they have always done so, but with great rigor. These modules are offered as a self-study. There are four modules for 20 minutes each. They will be available shortly. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us here.

Module 1– Introduces the foundational framework in Designing From Whiteness to Oneness™. This involves building skills in awareness of structures in place that require dismantling, learning new terminology, vocabulary, listening, reading, understanding, and getting to know whiteness in you and others, and the structures within our system by design that reinforces this reality. The Collective Consciousness Tool is introduced to help the audience understand how to employ accountability in upcoming dialogues.

Module 2 – Understanding the cycle of socialization, an analysis of your whiteness and conditionings, exploration with a true knowledge of self, in relationship to all things, the impact of culture on your responses, conditionings, and your current impact on self and the environment.

Module 3 – Based on your discovery, relearning a new way, based on natural laws and principles of truth, developing ideas to dismantle, organizing and researching current measures of accountability, focusing on structures, and beginning the work to affect meaningful change.

Module 4 – Applying knowledge, transforming and reinforcing change, and what that looks like. How can we all move forward, how can we ensure change is a regular practice, and what accountability looks like. How do I hold myself accountable, and how can I get others to embrace accountability?