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Night Sky Party

Introduction – As Above, So Below

If man is the universe in miniature, then all factors in man are duplicated on a greater scale in the Universe. All drives and forces, which are powerful in man, are also powerful in the universe at large. In essence, every action performed by man is believed to be linked to a greater pattern in the universe. Hence As above, so below. This means we are all created in the image of all creation. And just like our body consists of different parts, joined together, it is so, in the universe. The ancients believed that the body was simply a vessel, but consciousness flows from a higher power that activates the body. And in order to activate this consciousness, we must develop awareness of it.

This course/session explores the night sky and the celestial events that connect us to the concept of a “universe” so that we gain a better overstanding of our place in it.  This helps us establish a better connection with all that is below, so that we are more inclined to express our appreciation and protect and preserve what it does for us. This experience also allows for physical, mental and spiritual wellness, through the brisk walking and hikes, and exploration of the land, animals and sky views. Join us for this experiential learning that will be held monthly! 


Date/Time: Saturday, February 10, 2024


Price: TBD.