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ASCENDtials is collaborating with Project New Village to promote the Mobile Farmer’s Market event! This farmer’s market can be accessed at 4269 Market Street, from 11 am to 1 pm. Our Kemetic yoga will also take place Wednesdays from 11 to 12:00 PM, in the garden. This session will introduce the origins of Kemetic yoga and teach valuable tools regarding an ancestral way of life that leads to overall health and wellness.  


For our Saturday morning sessions in the garden, launching Nov. 12th, session starting at 11 am, we will highlight a product of the garden, and detail its benefits and uses. We will also sample the product in one way in which we can gain the most benefit. For our first session, we will discuss the Moringa tree and the history and benefits of this amazing tree. Many know it as the Tree of Life. We will actually practice our yoga under this tree and connect with the benefits in order to improve our lives. Join us for the exploration into learning and knowing the ancient ancestral practices that brought great wisdom, so that we might benefit from and bring about practices that protect and preserve this knowledge.