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Super Heru Crew

Mika Marzette (Yoga Instructor)

Nigel Zuniga(Drummer)

John Ortiz(Sound Healer)

Titus Baker(Happy Helping Healer)

We are those  consciously using our will on the path to righteousness. This journey involves the practice of deep breathing, movements, postures and poses, accompanied by intentional practice of following principles and implementing boundaries for the purpose of doing and being good through the senses, all for an optimal experience on Earth. We are all principled in that we are guided by our sincere quest for truth that is rooted with respect for those that came before. We follow the tenet of “As above, so below” and seek to heal so that we might guide those below with principles that support a true human experience. We are considered healers, but all require this practice so that we might all become Super Heru’s instead of being satisfied with observing a duplication of them on TV. The true meaning of Hero is the term Heru, an ancient Kemetic term that represents the spiritually uplifted incarnation of will and conscious man. We hope that by engaging in the practice of consciously bringing more oxygen throughout the body, we gain homeostasis and peristalsis, clear blockages, build strength, flexibility, endurance, improve connections, while training the emotions through the breath, and tune our senses so that all that is received is an expression of the truth we seek. We desire to elevate, reach higher frequencies, live optimally, and become that Heru we are here to be. Experience this with us! See you on the lawn, under the great trees where we can commune to be the best version of our Self.

Synopsis:  The session entails various yoga styles including Kemetic yoga, the use of African drums and a plethora of sound healing technologies, mantras, spoken word, and mudras to elevate the experience.  Participants are truly relaxed at ease and experience fewer blockages and more agility after the session. If you’d like to bring the crew to a venue near you, please contact our team for bookings at, and add book the Super Heru crew in the subject line. Otherwise, please book our next session here

Performers: Titus Baker, John Ortiz, Nigel Zuniga, Mika Marzette

Date/Time: (TBD)

Venue: WorldBeat Cultural Center 

2100 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101

Price: $25-35