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Change and Growth

        a vignette collection


Share an experience on your journey of change and growth. Are you consciously following a path, and what does success look like?

Patience its so simple to
Patience its so simple to
but when put in situations
patience is not always easy
and clear

You’re stressed you’re lost
you feel like your patience is not there
you’re scared because your thoughts are
Will I ever get there… ?
or will my anger issues always prevail?

No, I’ll stop and control
I what to be better for myself
my friends and of course my rock my #1
My lover

– Lety Alvarez
Past Works

Untitled by Namie Yazaki

There are many ideas of beauty today, but it also made me struggle to find myself.

Trying to fit in today’s beauty standards forced me to be a different person. But this was not right.

Through my life, I found I will be always me, no matter what I wear, what hair style I have, what makeup I put on.

Being myself is already beautiful and enough.