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Summer Camps in San Diego, California

Build My Spirit Summer Camp

Here’s how our summer camp benefits BIPOC youth. 

Offer healthy coping skills and resiliency

12:1 Student/ Instructor Ratio

Promote wellness

Provide a sense of connection to nature

Experienced and principled staff

Camp Schedule

Camp Location


Camp Schedule

 Full day camp: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

 Half day camp: 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Session 1: July 25 – 29

Session 2: August 1 – 5

Camp Director


Camp Contact


Phone: 619-894-6972

Address: 505 W Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101


Why Build My Spirit Program

 Our authentic Build My Spirit curriculum covers 7 topics, including physical activities and the arts for children ages 5-17. The curriculum is customized for every age group and experience level that will educate on the concept of natural sciences: water, fire, air, earth, the current condition they are in, and how we should nurture and use them in a sustainable manner. 

Moreover, the participants will learn about the five senses and how to tune into the “sixth one” through practical activities: yoga, art, music, hiking, swimming, observing our community garden, healthy meals, djembe drumming, museum visits, and activities focused on imagination, critical thinking, building intuition, and consciousness, tapping into humanity and achieving alignment, gaining higher-level problem-solving skills, social-emotional learning, practicing balance and harmony according to the life cycles and laws of nature. We are certain your child will learn to think more holistically and learn more intuitively the importance of protecting and preserving nature and humanity!

Seven areas for course topics:

During the summer months, this program will offer a summer camp for the duration of one week, where the students will be able to do all these activities.

The choice of the activities is intentional, as yoga, art, music, swimming, and hiking are proven to promote healing, and resiliency while reducing stress and anxiety and enabling the children to reach their full potential.

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