Executive Director and Founder

Mika Marzette



Mika has spent over 20 years in the U.S. and abroad in the field of Education, Finance, and Capacity Development. She’s dedicated her time to these fields, as she has a sincere concern for the higher-level development of humanity. Recognizing that current systems reinforce culture built upon Whiteness and not Oneness, the development of people to preserve life and peace on earth, she started this non-profit to focus on the work of re-educating, by providing essential tools and resources that strive to increase awareness and challenge the constant impeding structures we face, and reminders of how community, and not individualism, will provide safety, unity, and peace. She has taught in Business schools at universities and Institutes in several countries. She has organized several community initiatives abroad and at home, and will continue providing support where necessary that brings about real structural and policy change for the improvement of those affected disproportionately by these structures.