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ASCENDtials Brand Kit

This is ASCENDtials’s brand kit and style guide. Here you’ll find content to use as an example of what your work should look like when delivering content for team meetings and events.
The brand kit primarily regards:
  • colors
  • fonts
  • logos
  • copyright
And the style guide references:
  • slides/brochures
  • social media posts
  • videos
  • newsletters
  • signatures

Universal Branding and Style


Please note that the ASCEND is always capitalized and the rest is lowercase. This helps emphasize that ASCENDtials supports people in rising to a higher state, a higher level of being. An exception is made for email addresses and the website, which appear in all lowercase.


When you need to make the organization’s name possessive, add an apostrophe to the end:

    • ASCENDtials’


    • ASCENDtials’ programming serves the BIPOC community of San Diego and beyond.


    • Ascend to good

Any time you refer to a program or service, use the following formats, exactly as written:

  • Build My Spirit
  • Climate Cares Beach Cleanup
  • Climate Cares Highway Cleanup
  • Experiential and Service Learning Program     (can be shortened to Service Learning Program if needed)
  • Garden Project
  • Healing Sessions
  • Kemetic Yoga
  • Kemetic Yoga Sundays
  • KOS-Melanin-ology Book Club     (can be shortened to Book Club if needed)
  • KOS-Melanin-ologyPoetry & Writing Club     (can be shortened to Poetry & Writing Club if needed)
  • Sweetwater Community Garden

Job titles for employees and volunteers may change as duties and responsibilities evolve. When applicable, use the following formats, exactly as written:

  • Copyeditor (can be shortened to Editor if needed)
  • Copywriter
  • Director/Founder (can be shortened to Director if needed)
  • Events Coordinator
  • Executive Editor
  • Grant Researcher/Writer (can be shortened to Researcher if needed)
  • Social Media Intern
  • Web Developer
  • Web Programmer
  • Dogon – This is most often referenced in relation to the four-step Dogon creation process. It is always capitalized.
  • Maat – This refers to the Maat principles. Please avoid using MAAT, which looks like an acronym to those unfamiliar with the term. If writing for an audience new to this word, help them know what it means by including truth in parentheses. Example: ASCENDtials operates using the Maat (truth) principles of order, harmony, balance, reciprocity, and justice.
  • Oneness – When referring to a state of unity, capitalize the word oneness. If it is used in a general sense, keep it lowercase. Examples: 
    • We strive to increase a Oneness that builds our collective capacity to do good. 
    • Sound healing can bring harmony and oneness to yogis.
  • Address – 505 W Broadway APT 204, San Diego, CA  92101
  • Phone number – (619) 894-6972
  • Emails – first name.last name  Example:
  • Website –

When writing for ASCENDtials, consider the audience and the purpose of the communication. It may vary by types of communication. In general, strive for a professional and friendly tone. For most publications, use the first person plural voice.

  • Abbreviations for times of day and time zones- In running text, use a.m. and p.m. (lowercase, with periods) to indicate before noon and afternoon. On a flyer, or something with graphic design, it is OK to use am and pm without periods for a cleaner look. Time zones, when needed, follow in parenthesis, usually (PST) or (PDT). Example: 1:30-2:30 p.m. (PST)
  • Black, White – ASCENDtials deviates from the Chicago Manual of Style and capitalizes the words black and white when referring to ethnic groups.
  • copyedit
  • email (not e-mail)
  • they – ASCENDtials deviates from the recommendation in the Chicago Manual of Style and uses the pronoun they to refer to a singular person.
  • website (not web site)
  • Always use the serial (Oxford) comma in all written works.
  • Style guide: Chicago Manual of Style (17th ed.)
  • Dictionary: Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (11th ed.)

Email signatures should at the very least include one’s name, title, and the ASCENDtials logo:

ASCENDtials uses a universal brand color palette: 

Published Media

PowerPoint Presentations:

Should typically include:

  • Consistent logo presence on each slide
  • Copyright information on each slide
  • Mention of organizing section/team (corresponding to org chart)
  • Brand coloring on slides

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Social Media Posts:

Post Types:
  • Events
  • Theme Posts
  • New Hires
Essential Additions:
  • Logo placement on the upper left corner
  • Collaborators’ logos on the lower right corner
  • Tiny URL on bottom or top of post
  • QR code on bottom left
    • meant to direct to Eventbrite page
Font details:
  • Title and Body Text:   Bingo Wood
  • Tiny URL:   Canva Sans
  • Event Details/Prices:   Anaktoria
  • Instagram Dimensions:   1080 x 566 or 1080 x 1080
  • FaceBook Dimensions:   1200 x 1200
  • Twitter Dimensions:   1024 x 512 
  • LinkedIn Dimensions:   1200 x 627
  • Banner Dimensions:   2160 x 1080
Frame and Tile Colors:
  • Below are is the specified color palette for post frames and tiles:




Should include:

  • Themes
    • Introduce monthly theme at the start of the newsletter
  • Articles
    • Embed recent article relevant to monthly theme
  • Events
    • Highlight upcoming events for the month using media kit slides and descriptions
    • Embed signup button below event slide
  • New Hire Announcements
    • Present each new team member with their own slide and image
    • Should include:
      • ASCENDtials logo on top left
      • Role on bottom right
      • “Meet [name]” on left
  • Opportunities
    • Mention job opportunities
  • Fundraising/Donation Content
    • Include flier encouraging donations
    • Embedded “donate” button with link to make donating easier

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