The “Build My Spirit” program helps reach our socio-economically disadvantaged youth around the world, particularly in East and West Africa, through Ascendtials programming. It started as the foundation of the organization. It’s critical to empower youth by exploring growth opportunities through discussions of issues surrounding them. The education they receive regarding the science of sciences is a critical base for knowing thyself and their purpose here on Earth. We also believe it vital to instill boundaries and principles that prepare, aid in protecting them from the gaping holes placed before them. Ascendtials want to ensure our children are properly equipped to thrive under systems until they are able to dismantle them with the knowledge learned. Teaching children through a process of creative learning is how we begin to set them on the path to success.

What we do

The activities in this intensive 4-week program provide the foundation for helping youth to better understand the forces at play around them. They will become aware and empowered by exposure to methods that develop their critical thinking skills, build self-awareness as they discover how to become leaders through subjects like Ancient African history, culture based on the science of science, reinforcing traditions that must be protected and spread, false prophets and politics, social and moral responsibility, drug prevention, teen sexual responsibility, and volunteerism to name a few. Chapters define their goals and create paths to achieve them through training in visualization and mapping strategies. As a result, they gain vital access to opportunities to earn money, create small businesses, and gain knowledge on a future path to employment. The program follows a structured curriculum on 7 topics, incorporating Ancient African history, traditions, and culture, Social Justice, and Sciences. 

Goal & Objectives

The goal of Ascendtials programs is to improve the current condition of the education experience of these socio-economically disadvantaged youth. By offering this youth a supplemental program that inspires and addresses specific conditions related to their overall educational experience through activities that perpetuate attention to a specific curriculum on 7 topics, incorporating African traditions, culture, the importance of self-awareness, all while developing nurturing relationships within the community. These students are bound to gain a better understanding of the importance of setting goals, open-mindedness, tradition, and the importance of ritual and a newfound joy of community. With the guide of a mentor that serves to act as a teacher, confidant, guide, family member, and tutor, strong relationships help guide the child in challenging times beyond the program. The mentor remains planted in the student’s foreground, available to the student upon graduation from school, and upon success in securing a job.

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