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Titus Baker

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Meet Titus, the “Happy Helping Healer” with a will to inspire, motivate and create spaces for higher frequencies of compassion, balance and peace. Titus uses his many talents ever expanding with the needs of the changing times. Titus loves using his Voice, Hands, Health, & Head in Heart, to manifest changes for the whole of all sentient beings. He performs the art of spoken word, sound healing, yoga and massage therapy, and various practices of body works. Titus performs Kirtan (the songs of call and response), drumming, crystal bowls and the giant gong, among other instruments. He is always a student, a teacher, a brother, and a companion. Titus says his life purpose is to connect with new friends and partners, open hearts, and create peaceful opportunities in our communities. We can’t wait for him to join our team as Sound Healer at our Build My Spirit program!