What is KOS-Melanin-ology™

KOS is Knowledge Of Self and Melanin is a black biochemical substance that everyone has that drives all life. Melanin is found in the environment, springs, lakes, soil, plants, animals, and the atmosphere. The Pineal Gland secretes melanin, which regulates all functions and glands in the body. Black Bodies have the highest concentration of this biochemical and aren’t aware of how to nourish it or gain positive usage from it to solve racial problems. But it is necessary, should we want to transform our lives and all those with lesser quantities of it.

I’ve used it here as a play on words, but, in essence, it is the study of black bodies to solve racial problems. (The more you know yourself, the more you can problem solve and put boundaries in place to shield as well.) Melanin is a topic not widely discussed, but bringing greater awareness to the subject is highly relevant to transforming, understanding, and solving social problems. To not gain a better understanding of what makes you different, in this case, a black chemical that makes up your outer skin, is, in itself, anti-blackness. And, because people with the highest concentration of this chemical on their skin suffer racial problems most widely, it seems more than relevant to at minimum gain a greater understanding of its importance in our lives and how it’s well researched by scientists and others around the world for its benefits.

Why it matters

Since Ascendtials caters to underprivileged communities, typically BIPOC communities, we think concentrating the conversation on this topic- the study of black bodies- will inspire and broaden our understanding of empathy or the lack thereof and most certainly contribute to the improvement of our problem-solving ability. The previous healing sessions we’ve developed focused on structures in place that prevent change, and we want to build upon the discussion and share and collaborate on issues that can bring about this transformation.

As a culture, our awareness and discussion on this subject are very critical in order for us to literally and figuratively transform our energy to the next level of development. Perhaps you’ve been doing work in the area and can share your insight or you’d like to learn more. I’m a firm believer that any conversation and practice that brings greater awareness to the five senses and the sixth sense, the third eye, which produces and secretes this melanin chemical, needs further study if we are to evolve as a culture, from the current state of affairs.

Share your insight on Melanin

The goal is to provide a casual forum to share your insight into the topic of melanin and its benefits. It also allows us a chance to get to know more about ourselves in this struggle and find out if there are opportunities for collaboration. This is a casual “presentation” that can take many forms–a short demo, an interactive exercise, a PowerPoint with a description of what you’re doing, or an open conversation. Presentations should be 30 minutes and allow for 30 minutes of questions/conversations. We would like the session dialogical, but keep your goals simple so we have time to chat. Please join us by reaching out to become a presenter or participant on this content.

Structures where melanin isn’t applied and affect Black Bodies the most:

  • Educational system
  • Healthcare system
  • Mental health
  • Proper nutrition for Black bodies
  • The Black Church

These discussions must be had regarding melanin, as those with the highest concentrations must learn to nourish and nurture it to gain the most benefits from it. We cannot continue to operate under a “white standard” that indiscriminately applies and doesn’t consider at all our melanin to problem solve. Therefore, it is more critical than ever that we apply our thinking to knowing oneself, not just self-care, knowledge of self, and melanin. KOS-Melanin-ology™.

How do I book a session?

If you’d like to use our curriculum, collaborate on content, please complete our Workshop Inquiry form to customize training for your needs. We offer trainings to small and large groups, one-on-one sessions, train the trainer, and healing sessions. We look forward to working with you.