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Water Harvesting

As urbanization and development continue to spread across the country, our local watersheds face increasing pressure from a variety of sources. Pollution, runoff, habitat destruction, and overuse have serious consequences for the health of our rivers, streams, and other aquatic ecosystems.

In this workshop, we’ll explore ways urbanization and development negatively impact local watersheds and provide attendees with tools and strategies for reducing their impact on these important ecosystems.

We’ll start by looking at some of the specific challenges that urbanization poses to watersheds, including issues like pollution, habitat destruction, and overuse. We’ll then discuss some of the key strategies that can be used to mitigate these impacts, such as rainwater harvesting, grey water reuse, watershed-friendly landscaping, and more.

Throughout the workshop, attendees will learn from experts in the field and participate in hands-on activities that will help them understand the impact of their actions on the watershed.

Whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, or someone who cares about the health of our planet, this workshop is a great opportunity to learn more about the importance of protecting our watersheds and how to take action to make a difference.

Please join us and be a part of the solution, not the problem. Together, we can make a change for the betterment of our environment and future generations.

For children, we offer a workshop as part of our Build My Spirit program. For adults, we instead offer a water harvesting program as part of our Cosmic Literacy.