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Kemetic Yoga

Instructor: Mika Marzette

Date/Time: Every Sunday of the Month (See Events page for more details)

Venue: WorldBeat Cultural Center

Price: $10

Kemetic Yoga is an ancient African Yoga art form that promotes African philosophy and practices that originated from the land of Kemet. This ancient Yoga art form emphasizes the rejuvenation of the body and mind as it attempts to provide BIPOC communities with cultural roots that stem from its antique African origins. Kemetic Yoga preserves ancient African culture through deep breath techniques and movements that activate the nervous system and place the mind into a flow state, where it emits alpha waves that are associated with deep relaxation, increased concentration, and emotional balance. Thus, Kemetic Yoga’s breath techniques and movements seek to relieve stress symptoms while providing a deeper understanding of “oneness”,  as it alleviates the effects of mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Kemetic Yoga is innovative because it places an emphasis on the alignment of the vertebral column while mimicking the geometric configuration of Egyptian pyramids within its poses and movements. Kemetic Yoga’s African origins are imperative to its success, given that it provides African cultural traditions for BIPOC participants seeking to reconnect with their African roots while attempting to mitigate the effects of anxiety and stress from their corporate jobs, school expectations, and beyond. Our program hopes to create a safe environment for participants willing to explore themselves through Kemetic Yoga breath work, movements, poses, postures, grounding, and meditation, which are vital to strengthening the human body, while increasing its digestive system, flexibility, and endurance. Kemetic Yoga promotes many benefits for its BIPOC participants because of its emphasis on breath as the essential life force towards  achieving “oneness” as it merges with movements that encourage inner harmony and optimal health. Our program is geared toward BIPOC participants, but we welcome participants from all cultures and backgrounds.


ASCENDtials Ancient Kemetic Yoga Series with Mika Marzette 

Key personnel

Instructor: Mika Marzette

Speaker: Danika

Date/Time: July 22nd

Venue: Park in San Diego

Price: TBA