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Submit your writings here!

Are you a writer already working on something? If so, we’d be interested in reading what you’ve written, especially if it aligns with the topics of our writing club. Feel free to upload and send it to use through the submittal below. A moderator from the writer’s group will be in touch with you to discuss more about your writing and involvement in the writer’s groups! 

Rules to be followed

  1. Submit your writing on time.
  2. Stick to the format
  3. If you submit your writing for feedback, you must provide feedback on one or two writing piece that is submitted. 
  4. Feedback must be constructive to the writer. This means providing feedback on how they can make their writing stronger or improve their position/thesis in their piece. At least 150 to 200 words minimum
  5. If you did not submit a piece for writing, you can still provide feedback to others.
  6. In order to have speaking power during the writing group meeting, you must have both submitted something and provided feedback to all other submissions.