Do you need access to Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, and Herbs you can grow yourself and be pesticide-free! We all deserve this to stay on top of our health. ASCENDtials is offering this opportunity to grow together.

Our garden is located in sunny Bonita, inside the Sweetwater Summit Regional Park. This beautiful park boasts of  500-acres and tons of activities to choose from. Modern campsites sit at the top of the summit, along with a seasonal splash pad, play areas, a 13-station exercise course, rentable picnic areas, a community room, an outdoor amphitheater, and fishing at Sweetwater Reservoir. 

We are breaking ground this month, to begin planting seasonal vegetables! The land hasn’t been cultivated and is free of pesticides. Join us for this wonderful new gardening project. We will work together and harvest together. The garden comprises two 20×20 plots for all food staples. The garden will be sectioned off into fruits, vegetables, herbs, and mushrooms.

If you are interested in sharing the space with us, then please reach out to us at and fill out our volunteer intake form below. We will reach out to you as soon as possible. We need volunteers and community members to build our garden club. Reach out to us soon!

Groundbreaking happens on January 9th! We hope to see you there.