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 Our work is critical in the preservation of humanity and of the planet Earth.

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Donate to Ascendtials for #GivingTuesday this year to support the elevation of mankind through proper tools. Stay tuned for more details! Please consider ASCENDtials during your giving this year!

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#GivingTuesday 2023- How to think in Oneness!

This year, ASCENDtials’ Giving Tuesday campaign is around “how to think in oneness” which explores our aim to get participants more involved in understanding themselves and their role in the environment, by exploring our experiential learning sessions, workshops, and healing sessions, which provide insight and higher-level problem-solving tools for how to protect and preserve the environment, nature, and humanity. The idea is to raise awareness of the importance of our connection with nature and following its symbols through the sacred geometry, nature’s cycles, and elements, to help us in our journey towards knowing thy Selves, our growth, health, and prosperity. Our connection with nature is unbreakable, but it is getting thinner with some of the (un)conscious choices that we make. We offer ways to strengthen this connection and improve ourselves to be better at creating oneness with nature and with each other.

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We need advocates in every single human to make this work, and nothing else matters than to move in the direction that preserves life. Your donation will go straight towards our solidifying our programming and spreading the word and
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We thank our partners, sponsors, members, and volunteers for all the amazing work they do to contribute to the dismantling of structures that don’t support our underserved. We must continue to give back and offer those in need a hand.