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Ascendtials requires the support of volunteers to assist with our vital programming. We have a variety of opportunities to gain experience to preserve and protect our environment and each other so that we may prosper. Volunteers will support our Environmental programs which are designed to reconnect us with all that is around us. This helps us to develop and understand our role in nature so that it thrives in a sustainable way. Reconnect with us for these experiences and get the much-needed air for your own vitality. We also give opportunities for those in the community to share knowledge in our Healing sessions. If you are a musician and/or artist, we also need you to help us create an environment to heal during participating in our services. We look forward to seeing you! Please choose an area where you’d like to make an impact and complete our volunteer form. Should you have questions, please reach out at to speak to someone on our team.


ASCENDtials specializes in critical cosmic consciousness, represents ancient black thought on keeping balance according to laws in nature and principles of MAAT, and strives to create actionable change by using thoughtful, holistic, educative tools, resources and programs that prepare, are preventative, and instill and reinforce a deeper appreciation for self and community towards oneness, respect for human rights and environmental care. 


As a volunteer researcher you will support our ongoing vital programming in different thematic researches of interest to our organization, such as grants and funding, writing summaries, compiling resource hub materials, networking, communication, data collection and participation in events and activities. For this position, you will need excellent research, writing and analytical skills, working in a team and a passion for helping others, for equity, anti-racism, anti-blackness, and the environment. Communication skills, ability to summarize ideas and texts into smaller portions, a degree in a Humanities field and experience with conducting research and working in a diverse environment are highly desirable. 


This is a remote position and volunteers are expected to commit 2-5 hours a week on it. We provide materials about our organization and orientation about our programs.


As a volunteer researcher, you will have the unique opportunity to learn about critical consciousness, ancient African thought, Kemetic yoga, KOS-Melaninology™, the concept From Whiteness to Oneness™ and much more. You will gain invaluable research, fundraising and nonprofit sector skills, program development, independent work, team communication skills, working with specific software, working with a diverse, supportive team of individuals from different backgrounds. You will be able to use these skills in your career, whatever field you decide to pursue.