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🌟 Embark on a Transformative Journey with ASCENDtials!

We extend a heartfelt invitation for you to join us in a mission that goes beyond the ordinary — a mission to enhance critical consciousness and cultivate healing through the impactful art of giving. At ASCENDtials, we believe that transformation is not just an individual journey but a collective experience that connects hearts and minds in a shared pursuit of positive change. #ASCENDtials #GivingTuesday.

🌈 Healing Through Giving

Explore the depths of our distinctive approach — a harmonious blend of holistic, intersectional programs deeply rooted in ancient wisdom and cultural heritage. This unique foundation sets ASCENDtials apart, providing a multifaceted platform for fostering not only personal but also collective, environmental, and generational healing.

🤝 Your Impact

Your meaningful contribution to #GivingTuesday becomes a beacon of hope, restoring justice, order, balance, and harmony through the guiding principle of reciprocity. Each act of generosity resonates with ASCENDtials commitment to giving back to communities and the environment. Your support becomes a vital force in the larger narrative of creating lasting, meaningful change. Together, let’s shape a world where the transformative power of giving knows no bounds. Join ASCENDtials and become an integral part of a journey towards a brighter, more compassionate future.

✨ Essential Support

Your support for ASCENDtials goes beyond monetary value, empowering individuals in the realms of yoga, art, sound healing, poetry, and mental wellness. This contribution facilitates experiential learning by funding travel expenses, fostering a deeper connection to the transformative power inherent in ASCENDtials’ programs. In parallel, your generosity equips our teams for impactful action, providing essential supplies and enabling hands-on, positive change, from yoga mats to materials for highway and beach cleanups. Your contributions also extend to crucial team members’ salaries, such as the Director, Events Coordinator, Grant Researcher, and Writer, forming the backbone of our dedicated and effective organization.

In addressing the broader scope of operations, your support ensures the stability of ASCENDtials by covering general and administrative expenses. This includes essential elements for seamless day-to-day functioning, such as internet services, software tools, communication platforms, and databases. By contributing in this way, you enable ASCENDtials to focus on creating transformative experiences and fostering healing, amplifying the positive impact on individuals and communities.

Cultivating Healing Through Program Initiatives: A Multifaceted Approach

Teaching Gardening Skills

  • Individual Level: Promoting physical health, mental well-being, and practical skill development.
  • Collective Level: Building community and encouraging local sustainability practices.
  • Environmental Level: Supporting biodiversity and carbon sequestration.

Healing Sessions for BIPOC Communities

  • Individual Level: Empowering individuals, providing knowledge, and fostering self-awareness.
  • Collective Level: Creating solidarity, promoting activism, and acknowledging shared experiences.
  • Environmental Level: Recognizing the intersectionality of social and environmental issues.

Kemetic Yoga

  • Individual Level: Enhancing spiritual well-being, physical health, and self-discovery.
  • Collective Level: Building cultural connection, fostering community support.
  • Environmental Level: Encouraging mindful living and respect for the environment.

In essence, these programs contribute to healing at individual, collective, and environmental levels, promoting well-being and sustainable practices while addressing social issues. Please consider ASCENDtials during your giving this year! We are always happy to provide more details and material should you want to learn more about our programming and organization. Please visit our Guidestar/Candid profile to learn more. If you’d like to support us in other ways, learn more here.

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Your Impact: Where Your Donation Goes

Elevate Educational Resources - $25:

  • Propel the enhancement of our unique educational resources, championing community experiential learning workshops, and healing sessions.
  • Monthly garden workshops, tree plantings with Park Rangers, Poetry & Writing Club, Book Club, and Climate Cares Beach Cleanups foster practical activities to protect and preserve nature.
  • Support the infusion of top-tier resources and engagement of distinguished professional instructors.
  • Revel in the limelight with personalized acknowledgment on our social media platforms, website, and newsletter, securing your place as a cherished supporter.

Beach Cleanup Event Sponsorship - $50:

  • Be the driving force behind the success of a beach cleanup event, championing the cause of environmental stewardship.
  • Donate to cover logistics, materials, and coordination efforts, making an indelible mark on the preservation of coastal ecosystems.
  • Be featured on our social media platforms, newsletter, and website as we proudly recognize you as a supporter.
  • Be prominently featured on our website, establishing your commitment to environmental sustainability.

Wellness Programs Expansion - $100:

  • Unleash the potential for wellness programs to expand, reaching a wider audience and making a profound impact on individuals in need.
  • Empower individuals to connect with their cultural roots, cultivate a strong sense of self, learn to live in tune with nature, and optimize health, community, healing, and mental well-being.
  • Secure your spot in our donor hall of fame with prominent recognition on our social media channels, newsletter, and website, showcasing your commitment to BIPOC community empowerment.

Community Engagement Initiatives - $250:

  • Influence the trajectory of community engagement initiatives, supporting educational workshops and empowerment sessions.
  • Contribute to the creation of a safe haven for participants to learn, grow, and attend culturally rich, affordable, and innovative programs.
  • Enjoy an exclusive feature in our donor spotlight series on social media and our website, highlighting your dedication to community empowerment.

Holistic Development Fund - Any Amount:

  • Contribute to our Holistic Development Fund covering physical, spiritual, and mental aspects for a comprehensive approach to female development.
  • Every dollar plays a pivotal role in nurturing empowered and balanced individuals.
  • Relish in a dedicated acknowledgment on our social media platforms and website, showcasing your commitment to holistic development.
  • Receive VIP access to exclusive virtual events or workshops, deepening your connection to our mission.

Your support makes a tangible impact on our community. Choose a cause close to your heart and make a difference today.

Candid Seal Platinum 2023

As we approach Giving Tuesday, consider visiting our Donation Page and becoming an integral part of the reciprocal journey of healing and giving. No donation is too small; each contribution, regardless of size, makes a meaningful impact. Your support is a catalyst for positive change, and we are immensely grateful for your consideration.

Thank you for choosing ASCENDtials as your giving destination this Giving Tuesday. Together, let’s weave a tapestry of positive change, elevate consciousness, and make a lasting impact on individuals and communities.