If you like the work that we’ve done in our healing sessions and want to see more progress for our community, please consider offering Ascendtials a financial gift to support our work. Gifts of any size are welcome and your support is critical to our mission.

Our work is critical in the preservation of humanity and of the planet Earth. We currently are hosting

Kemetic Yoga Sessions and KOSMelaninology™ sessions and workshops to focus on developing the necessary skills to preserve and protect culture, to ensure that systems are in alignment with nature and the science of science, that all are equal. We continue to offer programming content around Self-Care, KOS (Knowledge of Self), Self-Awareness, Melanin (the study of black bodies), dismantling oppressive structures, Environmental knowledge, and justice, preventative behaviors, and activities that exemplify caring and sustainable nurturing of the planet Earth.

Without your support, our efforts are futile. We need advocates in every single human to make this work, and nothing else matters than to move in the direction that preserves life. Your donation will go straight towards our solidifying our programming and spreading the word and work that true problem-solving can do.

Please join us by making a tax-deductible donation today. When you do, you’ll receive a free ASCENDtials tote bag as special thanks for your generosity.

If making a cash donation isn’t possible, please check here for other ways to support our efforts. We are also in need of Volunteers to assist with ongoing vital programming and research, participation in meetings, and provide food distribution of goods, and assist with services in our communities. By becoming a member, you are doing your part as you will have access to numerous benefits. Please complete our membership application to join us now! Memberships are as little as $35 a year. Please check out our shop to make your purchase. We have half-year and full-year memberships. Learn more here.

We thank our partners, sponsors, members, and volunteers for all the amazing work they do to contribute to the dismantling of structures that don’t support our underserved. We must continue to give back and offer those in need a hand. By joining our membership, we offer many benefits below should you choose to support as a member.

Member Benefits

Donate $15 or more today to receive these exciting members-only benefits:

  • A free Dock-and-Dine tour of the beautiful San Diego Bay with ASCENDtours.
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  • Gifts throughout the year, like greeting cards and our New Yearly ASCENDtials Calendar.
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