Summer Exchange program

Study abroad with ASCENDtials! Our goal is to bring the experience of living abroad to at-risk youth.  Our middle and high school exchange programs offer flexible options, affordable pricing, and scholarship and fundraising opportunities. We provide programs during the school year, summer, and after graduation. All of these programs focus on African history, culture, and traditions to help establish a sense of connection and positively impact future academic, career, and life pursuits.

Students will have the opportunity to explore other developing nations, as well as participate in volunteer tourism and or internships/training for middle school to high school transitioning. This program will expose them to commerce, business, education, local governments and community development abroad.

Participating countries are in West Africa, Togo, Ghana, and Cameroon. To learn more about opportunities to be a mentor, join our team or participate in the program, please contact us at 619-894-6972. The Summer Exchange will begin accepting applications in January/February 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions About Studying Abroad

Here are some most asked questions.

When can I study abroad?

During the Academic Year (Check back in January/February for Specific Dates)

Short Term Option (1-2 months)

Trimester and Semester Options

Full Year Options

During the Summer (Check back on Our Summer Program Page for Specific Dates)

Program options from 1-8 weeks

Post-High School Gap Year (Check back in January/February for Specific Dates)

12-month program option

Bring Our Middle and High School Exchange Program to Your Community

Are you interested in helping us share the benefits of cross-cultural education to students in your school district? If so, we’re looking for individuals, teachers, and organizations to partner with us to promote our Exchange programs. We offer incentives for any student, club, or organization you refer!