What are healing sessions?

In these times of critical conversations about civic and social justice, equity, and inclusion, ASCENDtials is sponsoring a series of Unveiling Collective Consciousness by Dismantling Anti-Blackness Structures. Our current focus is on anti-Blackness and the structures that keep us on this Cycle of Socialization. It’s time to step off and move in a direction that moves our people forward ever. 

Through storytelling and other tools, we can also move from current structures of racism to a more inclusive system for all. Expert speakers address issues affecting our Black community ranging from the structures of Anti-blackness, White Fragility, and White Rage to Voter Suppression, Public Education, School to Prison Pipeline, Environmental Racism, and much more. By bringing awareness to these issues in real-time, and creating actionable items to affect change, we begin to feel safe as we move into reinforcing behaviors of Oneness in real-time through storytelling, design thinking, civic engagement, and other tools. We call this the process of moving from Whiteness to Oneness.

Please join us in shaping the world we seek now, by creating Oneness today. If you are interested in partnering with us to create sessions for your team, please reach out to us. We have designed this special curriculum to help learners understand and connect and engage with their audience, through presentation, storytelling, and by bringing greater awareness to the five senses, to set boundaries, including developing the third eye, and other frameworks and tools to create a dialogical process of learning and knowing that motivates and reinforces change.

The goal of healing sessions

Our goal is to empower black communities through the discovery and deep discussion of how things came to be, in terms of Anti-Black structures in place, that sustains the oppressor and oppressed status quo which continually dehumanizes and impedes progress and leaves black communities incomplete, without sufficient support or a seat at the table. The purpose of this curriculum is to instill participants with an urgency to affect change in their own communities by following our framework and tools.  

The curriculum can be reinforced by virtual sessions hosted by an expert facilitator, a process of change that must take place if we are to change the status quo and KEEP America accountable for its past and present. If we don’t, it will take another 400 years. This year alone is so important that we not waste the efforts of Black Leadership in holding everyone accountable, because the moment you aren’t alert and in tune, issues tend to repeat themselves over and over, keeping us on the Cycle of Socialization.

Designing From Whiteness To Oneness:

This is a spiritual process of change that signifies a transition from a culture built around and promoting the privilege of being white to one that equally recognizes the importance of the power of black bodies’ creative energy, and skill to solve problems, and dismantles oppressive systems that do not do the same.

Past Healing Sessions

Healing Session #10

Speaker: Chivona Newsome, Black Lives Matter, Greater NYC

KOS-MelaninologyTM and Self-Awareness

Date: Nov 16, 2021

Our Past Speakers

Healing Session #1

Speaker: Ymasumac M. Davis

Designing from Whiteness to Oneness

Healing Session #2

Speaker: Dr Keisha Clark

White Rage: How To Spot It And Move Through It

Healing Session #4

Speaker: Salina Villegas

What’s Wrong with not Embracing Your Spirituality?

Healing Session #5

Speaker: Jenae Butler

Blacks in Technology, Survivor’s Guide

Healing Session #6

Speaker: Dr. Suzanne Afflalo

Black Health and physical implications of racism and the Affordable Care Act

Healing Session #7

Speaker: John Brooks

Quality of Life- Air, Housing, Water, Environmental Racism

Healing Session #9

Speaker: Reverend Pastor Cecilia Caldwell

Unity Fellowship Church

Healing Session #9

Speaker: Angelle Malaika Maua

The Gender Fluid Collective

Lead a KOSMelaninologyTM Lunch Sessions

We are also hosting “KOS-Melanin-ology” lunch sessions. Our goal is to bring greater awareness to know thy Self and build problem-solving skills to solve race problems. It’s also an opportunity to collaborate while building community awareness. The lunch series will host various presenters on topics that will share insight into knowing thy Self. It will be 12 to 1 PM PST, thirty minutes to present, and thirty minutes for discussion. Presentations are usually 30 minutes and after, there will be a discussion of 30 minutes. 

If you would like to join our series by leading a session on bringing greater focus and awareness to nourishing, protecting, and promoting the benefits of this source of life, please reach out to us, and fill out the form on this healing sessions page. If you would like to be featured on our website, to bring greater awareness to this study, fill out the lead a melanin healing session form.