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ASCENDtials Literacy Workshops

We have designed our workshops to address every aspect of our lives that requires transformational systemic changes to achieve social and economic justice. These workshops also aim to raise awareness of our higher learning faculties, which need constant attention for us to successfully transform our energy. They provide a safe space for the BIPOC community to share personal experiences, recognize and unpack trauma, and offer healing with the guidance of our experts and practical steps toward self-transformation and systemic change. We acknowledge that systemic change cannot move forward without the self-work required to develop these higher-level faculties. This work must be intentional, and efforts must be made daily for real change to occur. We must come to terms with the concept that we are a microcosm of the universe and that in society, as in nature, everything is interdependent and interconnected, and these relationships must be harmonious and balanced. Furthermore, inspired by the ancient African principles of Maat, which represent justice, order, balance, harmony, and reciprocity, we have chosen the following themes for our workshops to depict a holistic system that embraces, exercises, and represents this required balance.

Financial Literacy

ASCENDtials believes that managing personal finances is the foundation for establishing a successful future. During these workshops, we will be covering several topics that can impact the BIPOC community, with both your present-day financial situations and long-term planning as well as estate planning, and other transgenerational wealth-building skills. We will also offer tools that provide those hardest hit by these structures that impede literacy. We will focus on building generational wealth, estate planning, equal pay, managing personal finances, buying a home, investing and setting families up for long term intergenerational wealth.

Spiritual Literacy

 We understand the spiritual as a spiral ritual, ongoing practices in tune with the cycles of nature as a key tenant for living harmoniously and sustaining health. These workshops bring greater attention to practices that are necessary to do just this. ASCENDtials will touch on key tenants of our program offerings to help people understand the tools available to them for keeping them in alignment with universal laws. This includes our Build My Spirit program for children, the concept of divine feminine energy, and a Kemetic Yoga session for all ages. 

Cosmic Literacy

Our connection as people to the cosmic world at large is a fundamental part of our philosophy at ASCENDtials. The philosophy of “As Above, So Below,” emphasizes that the universe within us is the same as it is in the stars above. Our workshops will help those incorporate activities that do just that. We will take a deeper dive into the cosmos, astronomy, and astrology knowledge of the ancients to help us celebrate these important celestial events in our world, so we truly understand the purpose of attention to the universe, so that we might be aligned cosmically. This exploration will awaken participants to the truth behind Melanin and its role in our universe. We will discuss this through our brand new night sky course, Kemetic Yoga sessions tailored to the evening, and basic courses on constellations, cycles, life stages, and the moon.

Civic Literacy

ASCENDtials takes a great deal of effort to address civic issues that impact BIPOC communities today. Our efforts address fundamental structures in society that are unbalanced and educate others on how to recognize and change these elements in their local communities. During the civil workshops, we will discuss our Whiteness To Oneness curriculum, which is at the foundation of the organization, as well as healing sessions that specifically address the culture around elements, using the Design Thinking process, the ancient Dogon process of creation and how best to address them with constructive tools and dialog and actionable change efforts. 

Upcoming Events

Here are some upcoming events for your consideration!

For more details, please check out our Event Calendar.

  1. Climate Cares Beach Cleanup @ Black’s Beach May 4, 2024
  2. Kemetic Yoga Sundays at Worldbeat Cultural Center on May 5, 2024
  3. ASCEND to Kemet Market on May 5, 2024
  4. Climate Cares Highway Cleanup @ Highway 15 on May 7, 2024
  5. Climate Cares Beach Cleanup @ Silver Strand Beach on May 11, 2024
  6. Night Sky Star Party with Kyle Park Ranger @ Oakoasis on May 11, 2024
  7. Kemetic Yoga Sundays at Worldbeat Cultural Center on May 12, 2024
  8. Climate Cares Highway Cleanup @ Coronado Route 75 on May 18, 2024
  9. Kemetic Yoga Sundays at Worldbeat Cultural Center on May 19, 2024
  10. Generational Wealth Workshop on May 22, 2024
  11. Climate Cares Highway Cleanup @ Elketon on May 25, 2024
  12. Garden Workshop @ Sweetwater Community Garden on May 25, 2024
  13. Kemetic Yoga Sundays at Worldbeat Cultural Center on May 26, 2024
  14. Climate Cares Highway Cleanup @ Highway 94E & W @28th and 47th on May 26, 2024
  15. Climate Cares Highway Cleanup @ Highway @805 on May 28, 2024
  16. Climate Cares Highway Cleanup @ Highway 5N on May 31, 2024