ASCENDtials’ (pronounced Essentials) focus is on building problem-solving skills in order to transform society. And, Societal issues result from a system that imposes the Oppressor/Oppressed model and standard of living. New thinking based on Knowing Thyself, is critical in securing real change. Learning and knowing the true science of self, instilling and abiding by certain principles of nature, will help grow and sustain. And ultimately the skill of problem-solving aids in keeping balance with Melanin in mind.

For ASCENDtials, ascending with proper tools is an ancient African way of thinking, Knowing Thyself, following natural laws and maintaining balance, applying this knowledge, and transforming systems for the benefit of all. You can’t transform the problem if you don’t focus on the system at play, which itself is flawed.

ASCENDtials has four fundamental goals:

  1. Focusing on structures that are oppressive by design
  2. Bringing awareness of Knowing Thyself, thy purpose and place and science of science
  3. Creating/growing and maintain balance by adhering to and applying this knowledge
  4. Transforming structures to ensure all are benefiting