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Statement on DEI programs and initiatives in the workplace 

All of our work focuses on providing tools and resources that are meant to develop the higher-level problem-solving skills of those that are in contact with our programming. We cater to the BIPOC community and offer programming that advocates for the dismantling of structures that prevent harmony, balance, order, reciprocity, and justice in all facets of life. We recognize that without these offerings; we continue to have gaps in our overall education that allow for reinforcing oppressive structures that contribute to the current culture. We give participants more of a balanced view using principles based on nature as our guide. 

Our board is composed of a MAAT Equity and Inclusion Director, and Community Advocacy  representative who both ensure we receive adequate training and are guided by principles of our ancestors to provide protection and preservation of humanity and the planet. 

We also collaborate with community members that are also cognizant and bring awareness to structures with the goal of dismantling. We offer book clubs and other events that allow for greater understanding of how our experiences are linked to a common issue of oppression, and we always seek to create actionable change through our coordinated efforts.

We also offer a curriculum that is all-inclusive and opportunities for regular engagement in practices that provide cosmic awareness, guidance and instill principles and boundaries so that we might thrive in health, wealth and prosperity for all. Our programming focuses on women, children, those under protected most.