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Mika Marzette

Copy of Copy of Kemetic Yoga Sundays (5.5 × 5.5 in)

Mika has been practicing yoga for 20 years to stay flexible, build strength and improve endurance, but since her training as a Kemetic Yoga instructor, she’s become more intentional and focused on increasing breath throughout her body in order to clear all blockages and gain greater control over her emotions, to reach the next level. She has been teaching Kemetic yoga now for over 3 years and is a certified yoga therapist and instructor. This style of yoga is critical in that it re-establishes our connection to the truth behind the origins of Yoga. Kemetic Yoga is a movement for African Americans to help them identify with their ancestors and learn the roots of this art form. It also helps to protect and preserve this ancient culture that derives from the continent. Mika is inspired to know that the wisdom of our ancestors as founders of a system, can help to provide a deeper understanding of our “oneness,” true nature, and unity with all things in existence while cultivating morals and values through the discipline acquired.

She seeks to equip participants with higher-level problem-solving tools that make life more productive, purposeful by helping them reduce stress, eliminate anxiety, and knowledge of how to heal thyself. These Kemetic Yoga practices during ancient times allowed our ancestors to connect with themselves and understand their place in the universe, and using this wisdom brought health, wealth, and harmony.