Our programs for youth teach the importance of knowledge of self by focusing on the experiences they have control over and demonstrates how to put this into practical usage. The process of learning and knowing is a critical aspect of understanding themselves and is at the heart of our programming. We explore what it means to live in truth and truthfully and the concept that illness is the root of all evil. We analyze the dialectal relationship between oppressor and the oppressed and how social change starts.

The services comprise a Build My Spirit mentoring program, After-School Program, a Summer Exchange Program, and workshops focusing on diet and health programs, This Too Shall Pass Temporary Shelter Program, and community partnership efforts. These programs are designed to grow communities into more productive, educated, connected, and caring individuals and create jobs, all for the betterment of the local environment. These programs are accessible in the communities, for ease of access to local partners, to ensure the success of the development, security, and exchange needed to improve local partnerships and help build better communities for our children, that work toward their nurtured development. If you’d like to learn more about our programs, please contact us at info@ascendtials.org for more details.

Build My Spirit program

Ascendtials “Build My Spirit Program” teaches at-risk youth to be more holistic and bring a deeper self- awareness and understanding regarding the forces that affect them day in and day out.  This also activates their critical thinking and provides personal confidence unfound in most home and school settings. Students are paired with a mentor within a program and engage in regular inspiring activities to improve their overall skills, expose them to opportunities, build awareness within their communities, and wage success in their future.

Summer Exchange program

The Summer Exchange Program will grant students the chance to explore other developing nations, as well as participate in volunteer tourism and or internships/training for middle school to high school transitioning. This program will expose them to commerce, business, education, local government, and community development abroad.