Nothing is possible without the support of the community. We need to establish better relationships with our local leaders and community members in order to create the environment we seek. This is important to establish “a seat at the table.” It determines the quality of education, food, air, and value of services and offerings in the neighborhood. Feel empowered and advocate for your community today!

ASCENDtials wants to thank all those partners and contributions to improving the lives of everyone within my community! May we all thrive! Thank you! To partner with us, contact us today!


ASCENDtials also considers all former employees as Alumni of the organization. We hope to continue building these relationships with community leaders and support them with access to our resources and by connecting with them with our members and financial supporters. Join our organization as a contributor, member, or employee. We offer benefits to future events, our newsletter, gifts, discounts on gear and products. Thank you for your support. Below is a list of current ASCENDtials Alumni.

Lauren Cazell (Social Media Marketing Intern)- New York