A Different Kind of Growth

Just as plants grow during a specific time in their lifecycle, we too grow in different ways. Since birth, everyone grows physically, and as we gain experience over the years, we grow mentally. Although it’s relatively easy to experience physical and mental growth, the most important form of growth many of us have trouble achieving is spiritual.

All living things have physical needs, such as food and water for animals and humans. We also need to gain experience for mental growth. Spiritual growth, meanwhile, can be obtained through meditation, serving other people, and connecting with nature, all of which can help us understand our purpose and connection to something greater. Many of us struggle to grow spiritually because our lives lack critical elements.

Achieving spiritual growth necessitates spending our free time working to achieve it. ASCENDtials helps you do this. We help you dedicate time for meditation during Kemetic Yoga and provide ways to connect with nature through Climate Cares Beach and Highway Cleanups and Night Sky Star parties. The cleanups connect you to nature on the ground while Night Sky Star parties connect you to nature through the sky, marveling at the stars above. Cleaning up beaches and highways is a service to those visiting as well as those participating in cleaning. All these activities improve in-person communication and connections with other people.

The means of achieving spiritual growth are at our disposal and worth pursuing. Join us as we journey together.