Do you work for American Express, Starbucks, or Apple? These are an example of companies that offer matching gifts! If you are interested in Volunteering with us, you could receive many benefits! We noticed that your company offers a matching donations volunteer program, so we’ve decided to reach out and kindly ask if you would be interested in volunteering for ASCENDtials? Check below to see if your company has a matching gifts program! If so, you could double the impact, by letting them know you are volunteering with us, and they’ll match the gift.

By volunteering for ASCENDtials, not only will you be able to enjoy the perks that your company offers through its program, but you will also be part of an organization that strives towards a system based on five principles of justice, harmony, order, reciprocity, and balance, that supports a complete human experience and represents the truth of our nature and is harmonizing for all.

Thank you in advance for your kindness and we look forward to hearing from you and working together towards making a positive and meaningful difference in our community!

Many companies have programs that match charitable contributions by their employees and encourage individual financial support of nonprofit organizations.

Through corporate gift matching, employers can multiply your gift to ASCENDtials.

Ask your employer if you have a matching gift program where you work, and the requirements for making a charitable gift.



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